VAT (Value Added Tax) has become one of the most complex taxes and getting it wrong can add major costs to your business whether you are an owner managed business, corporate or public sector body.

At Campbell Dallas our VAT team has a long standing reputation in dealing with a wide range of VAT issues with former HMRC tax inspectors on the team, we are experienced on all aspects of VAT.   It is our job to keep you fully informed of changes in legislation as well as helping you navigate through the complex web of rules and regulations. We will also ensure that  you have the correct compliance procedures in place to maximise your cash flow and minimising any potential for penalties by supporting you in your  VAT planning.

VAT Returns

We can complete VAT returns on your behalf and in addition monitor any long and short-term trends to enable proper and accurate disclosures to HMRC to help minimise the risk of any penalties and identify or pre-empt any situations that may cause HMRC to trigger an enquiry into your tax affairs.

VAT Consultancy and planning

Consulting a VAT specialist on future business plans can help you identify the best and simplest structures for your company or its future interests, particularly in relation to:

  • new ventures;
  • international trading;
  • property deals;
  • seeking clarity or a formal Ruling;
  • disputes with HMRC;
  • overseas business;
  • partial exemption methods;
  • corporate finance; and
  • group restructuring.

VAT Reviews

We regularly provide clients with a VAT health check service and support our corporate finance colleagues on due diligence exercises either on behalf of an existing client’s VAT affairs or those of a target’s they may be seeking to acquire, which ensures no unwelcome surprises at a later date.  We also have experience of reviewing assessments and surcharges issued by HMRC against a business and regularly identify areas where the initial assessment or surcharge can be challenged.

VAT registration and de-registration

We can liaise with HMRC on your behalf to register or deregister your business for VAT purposes and in instances such as:

  • intentions to trade;
  • late registrations;
  • back dated registrations;
  • property businesses, particularly involving the option to tax partially exempt businesses;
  • VAT groups;
  • non-resident businesses.

VAT Inspections and Disputes

VAT inspections and disputes raised by HMRC can be daunting.  We can deal on site with you pre and post inspection briefings and advise in detail with any HMRC dispute or litigation.  We can negotiate on your behalf, request reconsiderations, raise appeals or instructions to Counsel to ensure a speedy resolution.

Veronica Donnelly 


Veronica is a VAT partner at Campbell Dallas and leads the VAT practice for the firm. She has been a VAT advisor for over 30 years, working for HMRC and two of the ‘Big 4’ accountancy firms, dealing specifically with clients in the Higher Education, Health, Housing, Transport and Local Government Sectors. She is an associate of the Institute of Indirect Taxation and speaks regularly at tax conferences.

Greg McNally


Greg is a VAT Partner at Campbell Dallas and has specialised in providing VAT and indirect tax advice since 2000. He has previously worked with two of the ‘Big 4’ accountancy firms and has specialised on land & property, charities and the public sector for over a decade. Greg is also a Chartered Tax Advisor, is the Chair of the Scottish chapter of the VAT Practitioners Group, and regularly speaks at conferences and events.

Allan Bird

Customs & Excise Manager

Allan is a Customs International Trade specialist. With 6 years of experience in HMRC, he has recently joined Campbell Dallas to grow our specialist service line. He has worked across the whisky, oil and gas, and aircraft sectors providing risk assessments, compliance reviews, AEO certification and international trade support. He can provide support to businesses by advising on IPR/OPR, end use, warehousing and temporary imports. He can also assist with meeting tariff obligations, including valuation, classification and origin.

Jennifer Lockhart


Jennifer has over a decade’s worth of experience working in VAT. Prior to joining Campbell Dallas she worked with the HMRC. She assists clients with a range of issues and sectors, including land and property, public bodies, international trade and UK customs and excise requirements. Work includes assisting with compliance issues, such as VAT visits from HMRC, consultancy and strategic planning.

Martin Keenan


Martin works within the VAT team and has over 10 years experience in indirect Taxes. He has worked for HMRC and developed his knowledge in his time at Campbell Dallas. He has experience working in the public sector, including Section 41 Bodies and Government Quangos, as well as within many of our key sectors.

Joseph Hennell


Joseph joined the VAT and Indirect Tax team in 2016, having graduated with an honours degree in Accounting and Finance. Joe undertakes a range of VAT compliance and consultancy work. This includes preparing complex VAT returns and partial exemption calculations, assisting our wider team on land & property transactions and other specialist consultancy projects. He is currently completing his ATT qualification.

Could your business use some help with VAT?

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