Having a dedicated tax consultancy team at Campbell Dallas is what sets us apart from the average accountancy firm.

In the majority of firms tax is dealt with as a whole, but because of the time consuming nature of both tax compliance and consultancy we recognise that the work had to be split and dealt with by separate specialised teams of people.

With several uniquely skilled individuals the tax consultancy team delivers bespoke tax planning solutions. With the ever increasing pressure on cash flow, particularly in the current economic climate, the ability to save or defer through the use of planning is assuming a much higher profile. Our team not only consists of qualified accountants and qualified tax advisers but we have people with legal training and also former HMRC inspectors.

Tax compliance

In the current economic climate it is important to remain focussed on the commercial objectives of your business whilst at the same time ensuring that this ties to your personal goals and aspirations.

At Campbell Dallas our dedicated tax compliance team is people focussed and partner led and we understand the importance of developing close relationships with our clients.

We strive to understand your business objectives and individual circumstances and, by doing so, we can provide appropriate compliance services to ensure you and your management team has the important information at the right time.

Tax consultancy

We deliver tax planning solutions involving individuals, stand alone companies, corporate groups, unincorporated businesses from sole traders to large partnerships and limited liability partnerships.

Often the planning will use trusts both onshore and offshore and any of the above vehicles in various combinations innovatively put together to achieve the end result.

Whether you are looking purely for a compliance focussed service or a unique planning strategy, our systems and services are flexible and we can tailor our offering to meet your requirements.