The Food & Drink industry is worth over £14bn to the Scottish economy, with plans in place to encourage further growth. Food & Drink businesses in Scotland currently employ 119,000 people and with job opportunities growing exponentially in the next ten years we will need 27,000 new recruits to meet the skills need of the sector.

We firmly believe that the Food & Drink industry is a significant sector in the Scottish economy and will be a main contributor to its growth. Through our relationships with clients and contacts in the industry we are committed to improving the Scottish economy by helping our Food & Drink clients to grow.

It is our vision to play our part in achieving the growth targets, by supporting and advising companies throughout the industry. Growth can be challenging and it means different things to different people. Whether it be taking on additional employees, acquiring a competitor, buying a van to accommodate extra deliveries, investing in plant and machinery to build or renovate factory premises or negotiating with supermarkets and large suppliers to expanding your business overseas.

At all levels Campbell Dallas have a proven track record and can provide a full-service offering.

We act for a number of large and influential Scottish Food & Drink companies from manufacturing, through to distribution and retail.

Through acting for such organisations, in addition to businesses throughout the supply chain (Agriculture, Aquaculture through to Retail) we have developed a thorough understanding of the issues currently facing the Food & Drink industry. We ensure that our clients receive all the guidance, support and expertise they need to grow their business, take advantage of available tax benefits, ensure profits and working capital balances are maximised and plan for the future.

We are also an active member of the leading organisation in the industry – Scotland Food and Drink, whose vision is to develop the Food & Drink industry and for Scotland to be known as ‘A Land of Food and Drink’. Our Food & Drink sector team contains staff with expertise in Tax Consultancy, Corporate Finance, Fund Raising, Accounts Preparation, Audit and Corporate Restructuring.


Every business is required to maintain financial information and submit tax returns. This is our bread and butter. We offer a professional, personable and reliable service. As this is our core service, excellence is our minimum standard.

Our business advisory services include year end accounts preparation, management accounts reviews, payroll services and assistance in preparing budgets and financial projections. Our highly experienced audit teams highlight areas of opportunity, while indentifying practical solutions to challenges within your business, helping to reduce risk and protect clients' businesses.

Tax & VAT Advice

Death and taxes may be the only two certainties in life - but there are ways of minimising the impact of the latter. Taxation, both direct and indirect, can have a considerable impact on Food and Drink businesses, with complicated legislation and varying rates.

VAT is notoriously a minefield in the Food and Drink industry, however our dedicated VAT consultants are fully experienced and have a wealth of knowledge in this area and specifically in the Food sector. We offer VAT health checks as well as assisting you meet the strict compliance requirements.

Tax is also a wide ranging area, however our Tax Consultancy team has developed a number of Food and Drink specific tax solutions in terms of Research and Development tax credits, efficient profit extraction methods and often unutilised embedded capital allowances.

Intellectual Property Rights

In the Food and Drink industry, brand names, images, recipes, manufacturing know-how and other intangible assets can form a considerable part of the inherent value of a business. We can work with you to value these assets and help to protect ownership and look for ways to maximise the potential of your intellectual property rights.

Business Planning

As the Scottish Food and Drink sector targets 25% growth over the next 6 years, we recognise that forward planning, business structuring and fundraising will all form important processes in facilitating growth. Our Food and Drink group members have a wealth of experience in business planning and financial forecasting exercises. Our team has contacts with all major sources of funding in terms of bank lending, public sector money and private equity players.

Succession Planning

Over 70% of Scottish Food and Drink businesses have 10 employees or less. Campbell Dallas have a wealth of experience and expertise in working with owner managed businesses. We have a proven track record in providing meaningful and efficient succession plans to ensure provisions and mechanisms are in place to secure the future for businesses in future generations.

Complementary Sectors

We recognise that there are a number of synergies, opportunities and joint developments between the Food and Drink sector, and other sectors such as Food & Drink,  Agriculture, Hospitality and Tourism, and Renewable Energy. We have a strong presence in these complementary sectors, with vast market knowledge, sector-wide influence and commercial experience.

International Contacts & Support

10 countries account for 80% of Scotland's £5bn Food and Drink exports.
Campbell Dallas are members of UHY International, a network of organisations with offices in over 80 countries worldwide, including each of these 10 export destinations. This alliance allows clients access to worldwide services and advice, including support for companies looking to break into export, or indeed import markets, for the first time.

Chris Horne partner at campbell dallas chartered accountants

Chris Horne

Managing Partner

Chris specialises in lead advisory and transaction support work. He currently concentrates on development capital and acquisitions and disposals in the owner managed business market along with debt restructuring assignments to allow clients to get the best use from their bank debt.

Veronica Donnelly - Chartered Tax Adviser and Associate of the Institute of Indirect Taxation

Veronica Donnelly

Partner, Glasgow

Veronica has over 30 years experience in VAT. Veronica provides significant input on all of our food and drink sector businesses on VAT and Indirect Tax.

Veronica’s work includes strategic planning as well as assisting with compliance issues and negotiations with HMRC locally and nationally Veronica is a Chartered Tax Advisor and Associate of the Institute of Indirect Taxation and speaks regularly at tax conferences.

Peter Gallanagh

Peter Gallanagh

Partner, Glasgow

Peter is a subject matter expert in the Food & Drink sector and has worked with a number of food businesses for over 10 years. He has a first class insight into the issues impacting the industry.

Peter believes in the importance of spending time with his clients, understanding the issues impacting them and providing them with suggestions and opportunities to help them meet their goals.