How many of your advisers truly understand the inherent tensions within a family business? How many of them have adapted the way in which they approach their relationship with their family clients to meet these unique circumstances?

The majority of businesses in the UK are run by families and they play a crucial role in the economy. Family businesses often have great personal value, as they have been passed down through many generations. If you are a member of a family that happens to own and run a business you will be aware of the tensions and pressures that can build trying to balance the demands of business with family life.

We understand that running a family business comes with unique complexities that need to be overcome in order to progress in the market and encourage growth. We have a specialist team and methodology to meet the complex needs of families in business. This approach is a complete re-think and builds on specialist techniques developed by sociologists who have studied families in business for decades. By addressing any issues and concerns, we can help build a long term plan that will help develop a prosperous family business.

It is of primary importance to try to understand what drives a business. Applying spirit and energy to the business side is a key factor in promoting success. We can help make the process of succession as smooth as possible, and assist in resolving any internal conflict or disagreement that could hinder business development.

Fraser Campbell Accountant

Fraser Campbell


Fraser is responsible for the audit of large groups of companies and international clients as well as advising a diverse range of owner managed and family businesses. Sector experience includes energy & utilities, technology, manufacturing, food and beverage, retail, distribution, property, tourism and leisure.

Andy Ritchie


Throughout his career Andy has provided succession advice for families in business.  He has been involved in his own family business for 20 years which has provided a first-hand understanding of family business.  Andy is accustomed to working with those who hold significant land and property assets, both rural and commercial.  Andy also acts for a large number of landowners and farmers, often providing practical and technical advice on managing change, succession and dispute resolution.

Donald Boyd


Donald has over 20 years experience in advising a diverse range of family, owner managed business. He has a particular interest in the motor trade and automotive sector where he has advised many family groups. He enjoys advising clients on succession issues and planning for future challenges in business and family dynamics.