We pride ourselves on our diverse skill-base which enables us to serve many sectors.

All of our offices can provide you with a full range of audit, accounting and tax services. You can also benefit from access to specialist technical advice. Whether you are seeking international tax planning advice, assistance with a complex VAT transaction, guidance through a fundraising process or support for an ailing business, you will have access to the best team of technical specialists.


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Brewing & Distilling

With rapid growth in this sector, companies require specialist, experienced advice from advisers with a strong, working knowledge of the market and the key issues affecting businesses operating within this important sector to the economy. Read more.


Those who operate in the Healthcare Sector, like most professionals,are in the main dedicated to the provision of high quality professional services for their clients. Read more.

Family Business

If you are a member of a family that happens to own and run a business you will be aware of the tensions and pressures that can build trying to balance the demands of business with family life.

Food & Drink

Campbell Dallas advises a number of small and medium enterprises in the Food and Drink sector, including wholesalers, producers and retailers. Read more.

Rural Services

Our rural business is built around experience and knowledge. The rural team comprises many who are from farming families,often educated with agricultural degrees. Read more.