The two daughters of our Tax Director, Dave Lochhead, are most definitely not following in his footsteps. Regular newsletter readers will be aware of Dave’s elder daughter Olivia’s adventures in the world of Western horse-riding. Now his younger daughter, Amy, has followed Oliva into the animal world, but handling creatures of a smaller, woollier variety.

Having acquired Logan, a Welsh-bred Border Collie, to accompany Amy’s Spaniel in agility competitions, it was clear from early days that Logan’s heart just wasn’t in it. So what to do with a sheepdog? Well, why not show him some sheep?  After some research, Amy came across Julie Hill, based in the Scottish Borders (and the only woman to have won the International Supreme Champion at the International Sheepdog Trials). Julie was delighted to take Amy and Logan under her wing and introduce them to the world of sheepdog trialling and stockmanship. Unfortunately, Logan doesn’t appear to be too interested in sheep either, preferring to laze about in his kennel. However, he does enjoy his run-outs across the fields and hills as Amy (who is shortly to experience the joys and trials of lambing season) develops her shepherdess skills with Julie’s own dogs. So, in what started out as a casual interest in trying to find an activity to keep a dog busy, Amy has found herself embarking on a career that neither she nor her parents could ever have envisaged.