Our Digital Transformation Leader, Shahbaz Mirza believes accountancy is fast approaching its own “Uber moment” as the profession faces up to significant disruption as result of technology. The challenge is how a traditionally “bricks and mortar” business can go digital.

Shahbaz says “My role is constantly evolving and changing over time, because technology is constantly evolving and changing how business operates. It is my responsibility to drive change initiatives that are going to improve the business model, the technology model, and the people model for the firm as a whole.

This means that “digital transformation” is about more than apps – it’s about the people too. Shahbaz says: “If you look at some traditional accountants, they can be very siloed… we’re trying to ensure that our people can learn collaboratively, through teamwork and problem solving.”

On being #ProudtobeaCA, Shahbaz says: “Just because you’re a CA doesn’t mean that you have to fit into a stereotype… when you go to ICAS events you appreciate how many different types of CAs there are, and what they do, and what they’ve achieved, and that’s really inspiring.”

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