When Neatebox founder Gavin Neate left The Royal Air Force after ten years of service, he began working with Guide Dogs UK as a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor.

Following that, in 2011, and after an 18 year career in this field, Gavin decided to branch out in the field of sight impairment and disabilities in general, and set up his own company, Neatbox Limited.

The company aims to improve the opportunities and experiences for those who are sight impaired or have other disabilities, through the provision of knowledge and services, by using technology.

After years of development, in the summer of 2017, the company released two brand new products – the ‘Welcome’ app and the ‘Button’ app.

Welcome deals with situations where there may not be adequate customer service arrangements in place at venues to fully deal with visitors who have disabilities, by allowing the user to notify the shop, restaurant etc. in advance that specific help will be required. The aim is for improved communication between customers and customer service providers, and to help foster better interpersonal relationships across the board.

Button builds on this theme of helping people with disabilities, by allowing user to operate the buttons at pedestrian crossings by using their smart phone or smart watch, rather than having to perhaps struggle to reach the physical buttons. It also helps them to position themselves at the side of the road, so they are ready to cross.

Gavin Neate, pictured right

Gavin has seen the company go from strength to strength, and you only need to look at their blog to see how far the company has come since it first began. This has been in part down to the commitment and hard work of Gavin and his team, and by being able to secure external funding for the company from outside investors, by utilising the attractive tax reliefs available under the Enterprise Investment Scheme. As a result, the company is now reaping the rewards of all of the hard work and is seeing great revenues from this. That said, the sky is the limit for Neatebox, and so the company will be looking to fund more growth early in 2019.

To quote Gavin, he has made the comment previously that “disabled people very seldom get the service you or I would take for granted”, and clearly this is reflected in the fantastic work the company does.

“The team at Campbell Dallas have been looking after the company’s accounts and affairs in general for several years, and do a wonderful job” says Gavin. “They’ve also dealt with the funding raised via the Enterprise Investment Scheme so far, which has helped the company develop so much.”

If you’d like to find out more about Neatebox and the work they do, why not take a look at their website at www.neatebox.com or get in touch with Gavin and his team on 07429 155 934.