Why would you choose Campbell Dallas?

We appreciate the importance of the decision you make on where to train and develop your career. Over 25% of our workforce are completing some form of professional qualification, and you will be supported and encouraged every step of the way, whilst being able to contribute directly to the success of the firm.

What you’ll get from a trainee position with Campbell Dallas:

  • Campbell Dallas is an ICAS approved training provider, an ACCA Platinum Level Accredited Training Firm and an AAT Accredited Employer.
  • We support staff through a number of professional qualifications, whether you are a graduate, or straight from school and looking to kick-start your career, there’s a route that is right for you.
  • We’ll commit to your long term career by providing you with ongoing support to help you develop. With regular performance reviews and feedback, you will be given a great opportunity to develop your technical knowledge and strengthen and develop soft skills such as client service, commercial awareness and team working. We invest in you at this early stage of your career supporting you now, and helping you shape your future career.
  • We will give you responsibility from an early stage and can offer a wide range of practical experience over these years, this may include working within Audit, Accountancy, Tax, Corporate Finance and Business Recovery .
  • You’ll be given a structured development programme to get you through your exams, and is developed through our close links with ICAS, ACCA and AAT.
  • We realise that as a trainee you will need to dedicate time to both work and studies, whilst also ensuring you achieve the right work/life balance. That’s why we provide you with ongoing support to help guide you through the demands of your training contract.
  • Experienced staff will help and mentor you to develop your skills and knowledge, ensuring that you will complete your training contract as a well-rounded professional having received support and guidance from a team of highly experienced and qualified staff.
  • We’ll give you a competitive starting salary which is regularly reviewed throughout your training.
  • We are proud to hold the Investors in Young People Gold Accreditation, which recognises the importance the firm places on the recruitment, retention and development of young people, and demonstrates our commitment to our youth employment strategy. We have Trainee positions available starting in August/September of each year and often have other Trainee positions available at other times in the year.
Graduate Image

To apply for our Graduate & Trainee program, please click here.

We offer a 3 year training contract to support the completion of the CA or ACCA qualification. We are looking for candidates who have a strong desire to progress within a career at Campbell Dallas; are good communicators; self motivated; have an open mind; and are adaptable to change. You will have our full support as you progress through your professional qualification, receiving a wide variety of experience along the way. You will be mentored and developed by a team with a wealth of skills and knowledge, who will strive to provide you with all the support you will need.

We offer training contracts to support bright and ambitious individuals who are looking to begin their career in accountancy, but want an alternative to going to university. You’ll be supported along the way by our team of qualified and experienced staff who will support your learning with your own tailored development programme, gaining hands-on experience whilst studying towards your professional qualification. Even better, you’ll be earning whilst you learn and taking those first important steps in your career.

We support our school leavers through AAT, ACCA and ICAS qualifications and will discuss with you the different options available. We look for a minimum of 4 or 5 A or B level at Scottish Higher grade (or equivalent) – this should include English and Mathematics.

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2020 intake. The application process for our 2021 intake will open in September.

Read about Ryan Maxwell’s experience as a school leaver in Ayr:

“I joined Campbell Dallas in August 2017. After studying accountancy in school, I knew it was something I wanted to take further. I left school at the end of fifth year and started working in the Kilmarnock office. When I heard about the programme, I knew it was a perfect role to start my career in accounting.

The school leaver programme helps me study towards my AAT qualification whilst also gaining valuable real-life experiences in accountancy, something which puts you ahead of those that go to university. I am grateful for how much I’ve learned in over a year with the company, and thoroughly enjoy working in Ayrshire.”

Internship Programme

Looking for an insight into life at Campbell Dallas?

We pride ourselves in being one of the most dynamic and progressive firms of independent accountants with a wide range of clients; ranging from individuals, family businesses and large corporates across Scotland and from all types of sectors. We take time to understand our clients, their objectives, businesses and the markets that they operate in, allowing us to provide an advisory service to help our client’s businesses grow.

Our paid internship programme allows you to gain real experience and gives you a taste of what a traineeship with the firm would be like. It allows you to get a feel for working life at Campbell Dallas, and helps you decide if our culture and environment is somewhere where you could see yourself training upon graduation.

Our internship programme is typically for 6-8 weeks during July to September each year. You will get exposure to a number of areas within the firm, which may include time within Business Advisory Services, Tax, Audit etc. (dependent on office location), working alongside our team of trainees and experienced staff.

We are looking for those interested in a career in accountancy and our programme is aimed at those in 1st, 2nd or 3rd year of university.

How to apply

If you would be interested in applying for an internship with us, please email your CV to joinus@campbelldallas.co.uk stating which location and area of the firm would be of interest.

Please note our 2020 positions are closed.

Work Experience

In addition to our Internship programme we are also able to accommodate work experience, which would last for typically one or two weeks. Work experience helps students to gain a better insight into the profession and through this helps shape future career paths following school, college or university.

We are committed to working alongside our local schools and support the 4th year school work experience programme. We are also often able to accommodate work experience during school holidays depending on the availability within our local offices.

As a firm we are committed to supporting and mentoring S5 and S6 school pupils through the Career Ready programme, which includes a period of work experience during the summer holidays. If you are interested in taking part in the Career Ready scheme please speak with your Guidance Teacher or Pastoral Care team within your school for more information.

How to apply

If you are interested in work experience with the firm please send your CV and covering letter to joinus@campbelldallas.co.uk stating which office you would like to be considered for.

Do you train graduates and school leavers?
Yes, we offer training contracts to graduates and also those straight from school who are looking for an alternative route into the profession.

How do I apply?
Please visit the Graduate, School Leaver or Internship/Work Experience sections of our website for more information and links to our application forms.

What qualifications do you support?
As a firm we have staff going through a variety of professional qualifications including AAT, ACCA, CA, ATT and CTA. For our training programmes that start each Aug/Sept we support students through either AAT, ACCA or CA.

We also offer traineeships within tax where you would be supported through either the ATT or CTA qualifications – these tax positions are advertised throughout the year, either on our Student Recruitment page for trainee roles or Experienced Hire page depending on the nature of the role we have to fill.

Do you have minimum requirements?
Yes, the professional training and exams are demanding and therefore we have set our minimum requirements to be a 2:1 or above in any degree discipline and a minimum of 4 Highers at A or B grade to include English and Mathematics.

What if I have extenuating circumstances, will they be considered?
Yes, we will always take into account your overall application and any extenuating circumstances. There is a section on the application form that allows you to tell us about any circumstances that you feel are important that we know.

Do you have set deadlines for applying?
No, we fill our vacancies as soon as we have identified good candidates, we would therefore encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible to be considered. Applications normally open around the beginning of September for our graduate positions and in October for our School Leaver positions. Summer Internships are advertised in December of each year.

What support is provided during my training?
You will be well supported by experienced and qualified staff who will help guide and mentor you throughout your training contract. Peer support is also important and you will find that there are trainees across the offices who can relate to what you are going through and offer support.

You will be supported throughout, from the outset of applying and going through the recruitment process; to on-boarding and joining the firm; right through to the support you receive during your time with us.

I would like more information, can I contact someone?
Yes, you can contact our HR team for more information by calling 0141 886 6644 or emailing joinus@campbelldallas.co.uk

Sarah, Trainee, Tax

Tips for applying and making your application stand out 

Your application form is your first chance to market yourself to a prospective employer and show them your skills, why you want to work there and why they should hire you. You need to effectively sell yourself on paper as this is often the only way a prospective employer can judge whether to progress your application to the next stage. An employer will receive many application forms so it is vital that you make a positive impact and make your application stand out. Therefore preparation is important and it is essential not to rush when filling in the application form.  Spend some time reading over your application to make sure you are answering the questions asked on the application form rather than the questions you want the form to ask and double check for any spelling and grammar mistakes. Although the application form may look overwhelming do not put it off as there is often a deadline or the employer may stop accepting applications once enough candidates have applied.

There are many places to seek advice on completing an application form including the firm’s website, careers service web pages and centres at universities which will all help in completing and perfecting your application form. Try to find out as much as you can about the firm including their services, vision, achievements and even some of their clients as this helps you to get to know the firm and show you are interested in working there.

Employers are seeking well rounded graduates and school leavers so while it is important to have good university and school grades, they are not the only requirement. Prospective employers are also looking at your strengths, personality and potential and this is what will make you stand out from other candidates. There are qualities which employers seek when searching for the right candidate such as communication skills, integrity, taking responsibility and the ability to work in a team which you should focus on when completing an application form. Employers are also interested in learning what kind of person you are and whether you will fit into their culture. People make a business so you need to show the prospective employer why you are a good fit.

Claire, Trainee, Audit

Applying and Assessment Centres

Claire Byrne. Campbell Dallas staff portrait, Glasgow office.Assessment centres are usually the final stage of the recruitment process where an employer can learn more about the person they have read and identified desirable characteristics in. It is your opportunity to exhibit why you are the right candidate for the job through a range of exercises designed to access the qualities and traits required. Assessment centres usually do last for several hours but if you embrace the programme of activities and have prepared thoroughly it can be an enjoyable day.

On the day activities may include “getting to know you” type of exercises, interviews, group task, presentations and meeting members of the team.  The skills which you would have discussed in your application are being put to the test and this is your opportunity to bring to life the person that up until now has been someone your prospective employer has simply read about. It is crucial to give an assessment centre your best shot and try your best to put any nerves to one side and remember that everyone else who is taking part feels just the same. However, your assessors will all be aware of the pressure you may be feeling and will make you feel at ease.

Before the day of your assessment centre, it is essential that there has been a sufficient amount of preparation has been completed. There are only so many questions that an employer may ask you so do practice and have some examples ready to questions that are key to the role such as how you demonstrate teamwork, leadership, dealing with problematic situations and describing who you are. By preparing you will be able to give detailed, structured and competent answers.

Crucially during an assessment centre, you will be able to determine if you and the firm are a good match for each other and it is important to seize every opportunity you have during that day to ask questions and talk to the team. Essentially, if all goes well you will be well on your way to embracing a new career and all the efforts will have been brought to fruition.


Finlay, Trainee, Business Advisory Services

Direct entry from school – an alternative route into the profession

I joined Campbell Dallas after sitting my higher exams in my fifth year of secondary school. I had met a Director of the firm at a local careers event, where I was pitched the idea of an accountancy direct entry training programme as an alternative to university. It was a huge jump from being a full-time student to working full time. On top of that, I had lectures twice a week as part of my AAT qualification. I found that after a few weeks, I was fully settled into this new regimen, and that I was able to relate what I was learning in my studies to the role that I perform at work, and vice-versa.

The idea of going to university had never truly appealed to me but I am certain that had I not heard about the direct entry route, I would have ended up paying for a degree that I didn’t actually want.

I do find it quite surreal that I have a career at the age of 18 and could be a Chartered Accountant by 22, however I have no doubts that I have made the correct decision in taking this route.

Having other trainees in the same office means that there are always people to ask if you have question regarding your current course, or one in the future.

Ashleigh, Senior, Business Advisory Services

Training Highlights

Campbell Dallas Glasgow staff. Ashleigh McCormack.I joined the firm in 2012 studying first AAT, followed by ACCA.  I always had the support from my team which helped me along the way.

At times it felt like the final exam was never getting any closer. Having been to university, then two years studying for the AAT qualification and a final two years doing my ACCA, I hadn't really had a chance to experience a time without exams.  But all the effort and hard work is worth it in the end.

As a student you always focus on the things you didn't write when you come out of an exam rather than the things you did write.  So my one piece of advice would be study hard, put in the time and effort, but congratulate yourself on what you do know, rather than beat yourself up over the things you didn’t write.  You’ve probably done more than you think and that hard work will get you through.

With the passing of the final exam comes more responsibility at work which is an achievement in itself as it shows that your time studying has been valuable to your career and is recognised.

Laura, Senior, Business Advisory Services

Support & Experience

Laura Hare. Campbell Dallas staff portrait, Perth office.Working and studying full time has been difficult at times but I have found my professional body has a website full of information, hints and tips and past exam papers as well as forums to discuss your worries and experiences with a wide range of other students, this and the help I have received within the office has given me the best opportunity to succeed. I have found one of the biggest benefits of working and studying is that the knowledge I am learning in the books is also being reflected with the work I am doing in the office. My studying is giving me the theory and background knowledge while working in an accounting environment has given me the practical experience which I feel has been invaluable to succeeding.

Kelleigh, HR Manager - Scotland

Career events & how to get the most out of them

Kelleigh McRae, Campbell Dallas staff portraits.So you’ve noticed that your school or university are holding a careers event, but you’re not sure what to expect, or are worried about what employers may expect from you.   Firstly I’d say go to these events, it’s never too early, whether you are in S2 and making subject choices, or you’re in 1st or 2nd year of university and making plans for when you graduate, I’d encourage you to go along, find out about the types of opportunities that are available, speak to employers and find out what they are looking for.  Don’t worry they won’t bite!

These types of events typically allow you to speak to a number of employers, further education organisations, professional bodies etc.  Have a list of questions that you would like answered, take an interest in what the representative of the organisation is saying to you and engage with them.  Remember you are meeting prospective employers so be friendly but professional, remember that first impressions count.

A careers event can introduce you to a wide range of career possibilities as well as a huge range of employers. If networking makes you feel nervous then this type of environment can be a gentle introduction to speaking to others, push yourself out of your comfort zone and perhaps set yourself a goal of speaking to 2 or 3 key employers whom you would be interested in learning more about.

Most importantly of all use the opportunity to learn more about the profession, the training involved and what each firm can offer to you in terms of guidance, support and development.


Throughout the year we hold student recruitment events at our offices, and we also participate in student recruitment events at schools and universities.

To find out more about specific events, please contact joinus@campbelldallas.co.uk

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