This week (5-9 March 2018) celebrates apprenticeships in Scotland and across the UK.

At Campbell Dallas we developed a fully integrated apprenticeship & trainee programme nearly a decade ago and were one of the first in Scotland to implement it. We have young people completing apprenticeships in accounting (as you’d expect), learning & development, facilities management and office administration. Across the firm in Scotland we have 73 people completing either an apprenticeship or on the job training.

Apprenticeship Week 2018 imageAs a firm the benefits are two-fold; we have the opportunity to develop young people and help them pursue a lifetime career, whilst fostering a strong supply of educated professionals into our profession and others.

This week I caught up with two of our apprentices to find out why they chose an apprenticeship and how their journey is helping shape them. Fern is a Learning & Development Apprentice and Heather is an Accountancy Apprentice. Both of them joined the firm straight from school.

Why choose an apprenticeship?

Fern: My school was very university and college forward and did not promote modern apprenticeships as much as they did with university and college, but the idea of going on to do further education for 5 or so years did not appeal to me. I knew I wanted to gain work experience, but I also knew I wanted to receive a qualification at the end of it and that is why a modern apprenticeship was for me.

Heather: I chose an apprenticeship as I was able to gain invaluable business experience that I wouldn’t be able to get from university. This apprenticeship has given me the opportunity to work towards my professional qualifications whilst using the skills, qualities and knowledge I have developed through working at Campbell Dallas.

What has your experience been like?

Fern: So far, my experience of being an apprentice and getting to work for Campbell Dallas has been everything and more. The working environment of Campbell Dallas is refreshing and I enjoy coming in to work every day. Getting to work alongside my team and others is the best part about this whole experience. Even though I haven’t been an apprentice for that long I have loved every minute of it and I would recommend a modern apprenticeship to any school leaver who is not 100% about going to university or college. It has been the most rewarding experience so far.

Heather: My overall experience so far has been great. I have enjoyed gaining knowledge and experience working in an accountancy firm and using this to help me with my exams. I have also liked working with other trainees as I am able to see how this apprenticeship has helped to boost their careers.

What support do you value the most?

Fern: When I am not 100% sure about something I don’t worry about it because I know David will be there to help me and even when David is not there to help me out, Lauren or Jennifer are able to help me along the way which I value a lot. Without my team my experience so far would have not of been as amazing as it has been.

Heather: I value the support I have from my manager and team members as they are always happy to help me, as well as the support I have from my teachers and other trainees. It is ideal to work alongside qualified accountants as it helps to motivate me to my goal of becoming a fully qualified accountant.


If you are interested in finding out more about the different types of apprenticeships & training that we offer, read a little more about them here, or contact me at:

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