David Hunter

0141 886 6644

David is a Consultant in our Glasgow office. He has built an insolvency practice with a fee income of over £2m per annum and has held an Insolvency Permit from ICAS for the last 28 years.  He is former editor of “Impecunias” the ICAS/Law Society of Scotland technical Insolvency Bulletin and former member of ICAS Insolvency Committee.

As a Change Manager, David has turned around many organisations and has a passion for how business works.

Because of the breadth of his practice activities, he has specialised in acting as an expert witness and providing litigation support services. Over the years he has appeared both in the Court of Session and in the Sherriff courts. He and his colleagues relish complex financial and people problems to which they are always able to bring a clear external perspective and where they have a track record of finding, or being the catalyst for, effective solutions.

He is supported not only by a team with insolvency knowledge and valuation expertise but also teams with investigative, tax and forensic expertise within the accounting side of the firm.


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