At Campbell Dallas we recognise our responsibility to challenge, stretch and contribute to society through all that we do. Part of our culture is to encourage and nurture this within the company so that we can give back to the communities we work in.

At Campbell Dallas we have a strong charity ethos embedded across the firm. The aim is to focus energy, time and money towards charitable works.

We strongly encourage charitable participation across the firm, as well as understanding the daily challenges faced by individuals and charities; and how we can best support them with these challenges.

We have 20 charity ambassadors across all of our offices who are charged with encouraging their peers to be involved in initiatives and consider how effective we can be in supporting them.

Much of our work is at local office level and touches local charities and support groups within reach of each of our offices. On a national scale we work with nationwide charity and support groups to maximise their impact.

We encourage and support our staff in dedicating their time and organising fundraising activities to support charities close to their hearts. Staff are also given additional leave entitlement in support of charitable works.

We acknowledge that we have a responsibility to the environment. We’re committed to a programme of continuous improvement in respect of our carbon footprint through our offices, travel and consumption. We strive to reduce the risk of pollution to the environment and ensure that we exceed rather than adhere to all relevant legislation and best practice.

Solar panels

In December 2015 the flat roof of our Braehead office was kitted out with 166 solar panels to harness clean and renewable energy to help power the office.

Since the panels have been switched on we’ve offset 35,100kg of co2 emissions, which is the equivalent of planting 117 trees. The power provided has been enough to light 271,310 lightbulbs for 24 hours.

Electric cars

In April 2017, we acquired two electric cars which staff can use for business travel to coincide with changes to Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) for cars first registered on or after 1st April 2017 and highlight the green business benefits of ‘thinking electric’.  The solar panels installed in December 2015 have produced enough green energy to drive a company BMW i3 nearly ten times around the world – or 250,000 miles.

Office gardens

Three of our five offices are lucky enough to have their own office gardens with staff members contributing their time and ideas to develop the outdoor space for their own use and enjoyment.